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Established in Findlay, Ohio in 1991, Mike and Hanan Akra and their team offered many business services (office suite rentals, private mailbox rentals, copy/print center, scrapbook classes and paper stock, retail sale of 100s of paper selections and envelopes, office supplies, office machine supplies, office machines, career services, and more!), and quickly became known as the "go to" place for many businesses and individuals in the area. 

In 2015, after 25 years of serving Hancock County almost exclusively, we relocated and expanded to the Toledo area to be near family members.  We no longer have the retail space, but continue to offer our core services and products to businesses and individuals throughout northwest Ohio. If you have not done business with us yet, we hope to add you soon to our list of very satisfied, repeat customers.

Here's what you need to know: 

Along with our many years of experience and our friendly demeanor comes competitive pricing. Our many satisfied clients will attest to this.  "All of you at DocuMall are so enjoyable and helpful! And your pricing is better than Company XYZ!" is a common phrase heard around here.  We enjoy hearing those compliments.

Heads up!  We can tailor any print project to meet your budget.  We can help by selecting the appropriate paper stock, printing process, and quantity for each project. We are committed to working with you to help you be successful.

DocuMall also offers 100% guaranteed OEM or new compatible toner cartridges for your office machines.  Many customers recognize that the new compatibles are designed to work perfectly in their office and save them's up to you!

If you are already our valued customer, we thank you again and again for your business. And if you're a new customer considering an order placement with DocuMall, we thank you again and again for considering us!  We hope you'll find us to be a trusted and long-term partner. 


Hanan Akra

Certified Professional

Resume Writer

Editing & Proofreading

(25+ years)

Mike Akra

Sales & Marketing


Graphic Design Experience (20+ years)


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