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Editing & Proofreading

Proofreaders/Editors have an important role in the printing and design fields.  If someone isn’t carefully checking sentence and paragraph structure, document layout, and the overall visual  presentation of your documents, embarrassing and costly mistakes might slip through and cause your final documents to be labeled as “unprofessional.”  Errors and poor grammar do not belong in your documents, and our professional Proofreader/Editor (with over 30 years of experience) is available to make sure this does not happen to you!


Author Amira Choukair Tame writes,

Thank you to Hanan and Majdi Akra, of DocuMall, in Toledo, OH for making my book readable.  Without their help to unscramble the first draft of my life story, a reader probably would have stopped reading after the prologue.  The work they did was far beyond any editing that could have been done by any other source.  A heartfelt thanks to both of you.  The energy and enthusiasm you have put into my books are so appreciated.  God Bless!

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